Angkasa engineers is a ISO 9001-2008 certified contractor which recognizes its customer requirements and has focused on developing quality economical services to satisfy those needs.

Since then Angkasa Engineers has successfully executed a number of projects. Angkasa Engineers key and unwavering operating policy has been to properly identify / assess its customers’ requirements and provide cost effective quality services in order to fulfill its contractual requirements to its customers’ satisfaction.

Angkasa Engineers reputation for integrity, innovation and performance has positioned the company as a well-respected leader in the industry. As we have expanded our capabilities over the years, one fact has remained constant – our people are our greatest asset.

TurnKey Solutions for E-House & LER’s

  • Structural design & Fabrication
  • Architecture Design, Supply & Installation
  • F&G System Design, Supply & Installation
  • HVAC System design ,Supply & Installation
  • Electrical System design, Supply & Installation
  • Instrumentation System design, Supply & Installation
  • Calibration & Testing
  • Commissioning


Our Architeture services cover a wide range of offshore & Onshore oil and gas projects such as;

  • E-House & LER s
  • Analyzer Houses
  • Utility Modules
  • Accommodation Modules


  • Architectural design
  • Fire proof design
  • Installation plan
  • A60 ,H60& H120 Insulation
  • A0,B0,A60,H60,H120 Fire rated doors& Windows
  • B15,A60 wall panel & Ceiling
  • Raised floor
  • PFP coating A60,H60,H120


  • Technical procurement and material take off for:
  • Rockwool
  • Wall Panel
  • Raised floor
  • False Ceiling
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Ventilators
  • PFP(Passive Fire Protection) coating


  • Fabrication and installation of wall panel and its supports.
  • Fire proofing to following standards B15 , A30, A60, H60, H120, J15
  • Rock wool installation
  • Wire mesh
  • PFP coating
  • Fabrication and installation of raised floor and its supports
  • Fabrication and installation of false ceiling floor and its supports
  • Installation of windows, doors, and ventilators