Software Services

Software services are an inseparable part to build the highest productivity at the lowest cost per part into your system. We apply industry-leading technical resources, vast knowledge and an unmatched track record for innovation, so that you along with your machines and instruments are always ahead of your competitors.

If you think your machines or instruments need more productivity and accountability, you can try our IT services and products. We have IT solutions on a wide scale which could be stand-alone, or centralized control. Also migrating your stand alone systems to web based is also an ART area excellence of ours. We do whatever it takes to help you meet your industrial and equipment needs.

We deliver the below mentioned, but not limited to services, but not limited to services

Customized IT Solutions very closely coupled to your instruments/machinery

  • Data acquisition from instruments/machinery through cutting edge IT solutions and platforms.
  • Heterogeneous reporting and Business Intelligence solutions for instruments/machinery.
  • Downtime Reporting tools for the instruments/machinery to increase asset utilization, minimize production downtime and premature maintenance in manufacturing industies.
  • Full Fledged Human Resource Management System for managing Employee details, Leave Management, Overtime Calculation, Payroll and System Alerts to HR users.
  • Provide software and services to discrete manufacturers for real-time measurement of goals utilizing factory floor data collections, track key performance indicators and achieve business agility.
  • Machine management Software for continuous high speed data recording, analysis and real time monitoring of variables in graphical and tabular formats.