Setting a strong foundation.

Guiding and defining the way we conduct ourselves and the business, our values form a solid core of who we are, and the beliefs and priorities we share, inspiring us to perform to our best ability. Quality is a part of our heritage. Over the years, we have established an exceptional track record of effective and efficient project management and project execution. Proven quality processes, procedures and practices in all phases of a project have kept us on top of our game. Even more, we have the passion and commitment needed to maintain our leading edge through impeccable preparation, rigorous discipline and continuous improvement.

Elements of our quality process include:

People Our success is driven by our people and their action and commitment to delivering results by welcoming diversity and operating responsibly, including toward the environment and communities we live and work in around the world. We also place a high value on being skilled and motivated, continuously learning and growing. Integrity We hold ourselves to the highest standards in all business dealings, relentlessly pursuing the highest safety, quality and ethical standards. We are accountable for being honest and respectful in all of our actions and interactions. Performance We are committed to executing with excellence, adapting and innovating technologies, and striving to continually improve. We are passionate about achieving results that exceed expectations — our own and those of others. We drive for results with energy and a sense of urgency. Values in Action Our Vision, Mission & Values statement defines our business purpose; our operating statement highlights our obligation and commitment.

Values in Action

Our values also underpin our vision and mission. The long-term vision is to be the premier leader in our industry in terms of:
  • Achieving the highest performance in safety, quality and ethics
  • Applying innovative technology in unexpected and practical ways
  • Earning the admiration of all our stakeholders — investors, customers, communities and employees — for what we achieve and how we achieve it
As described by the mission, our immediate focus in reaching the vision is to:
  • Consistently exceed customer and shareholder expectations
  • Establish the most capable, principled and creative offshore engineering and construction company in the world
  • Lead the markets we choose to participate in
  • Successfully deliver the world’s most challenging projects
  • Live our people, integrity and performance values